Friday, October 25, 2013

Acne Cures - Is There a Natural Acne Cure That Works?

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Acne Cures - Is There a Natural Acne Cure That Works?

Is there a natural acne cure that actually works? Or is it just a MYTH conjured by unscrupulous businessmen in selling their purported acne miracle cure? Are all acne sufferers destined to forever battling their acne symptoms? Are they forever under the mercy of large pharmaceutical companies buying their drugs, creams and whatever acne treatments available?

Almost all the skin specialists have confirmed that there is no medical cure for the acne. They are only familiar with the symptoms and they are highly trained just to clear and treat the symptoms. They are not trained or taught on the causes of acne. They do not know what the underlying factors that caused acne are.

When you seek the skin specialist treatment for your acne they would more often than not merely give you some drug and creams to temporary calm the symptoms of acne. This is a huge conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies and in cahoots with the medical profession to forever supply you with medication that only calms the symptoms of acne.

In the treatment of acne we must use the analogy of the mosquitoes in order to understand this problem. All of us know that the mosquitoes thrive in a stale water locked pond. To kill all the mosquitoes chemicals are used around the pond. With the use of the chemicals all traces of mosquitoes are gone. However the source of this problem is the stale water locked pond which is very conducive for the mosquitoes to find food and lay their eggs. Without cleaning the pond the mosquitoes would always come back.

This same condition also happens to our acne. Until we clear the pond the mosquitoes would return. We need to clean our body system in order to get rid of the acne. But we must also understand the fundamental process of why we have acne in the first place. This are actually messages from our own body that something is not right in our body system. It is telling us that we need to do something in order to correct this hormonal imbalance.

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