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Clear Skin Secrets


Chris Simmons, World Renown Nutritionist & Skin Care Expert, Has Revealed His Simple, Totally Natural Methods to Eliminate Acne Forever...With Guaranteed Results!

Using His Easy To Read, Step-By-Step Guide, You Can Eliminate
Face and Body Acne Within Two Weeks.

Everything You Need To Stop Pimples and Blackheads Is Explained in Detail. 

The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You Will Have Clear Skin...
If You Know What To Do.
Read On! This Could Be The Most Important Thing
You Ever Do To Impove Your Looks.

Terry Right BeforeTerry Right AfterTerry Left BeforeTerry Left After
You Can Achieve These Results Within Two Weeks!

Here's My Story

My name is Chris Simmons. When I was in high school, I had a terrible breakout, and in a panic, I put on a ton of the most popular zit cream before going to class. I thought it would blend in to my face like lotion, but I had put on too much, and it looked like clown makeup.
The prettiest girl in class noticed it right away and said, "Are you alright? You're white as a ghost." I immediately realized what had happened, but I actually felt RELIEF - my only thought was "at least she didn't notice my acne." That's how ashamed I was of my zits. I literally preferred to look like a clown.

I suffered from acne for 14 years, and actually gave up solving it.

I thought I was a special, hopeless case. Then I traveled around the world for six months and asked holistic natural healers in 23 different countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa for their guiding rules about healing acne and maintaining healthy skin. I collected their wisdom about acne prevention and acne treatment and made the easy changes in diet and lifestyle they advised.
Please Don't Read Clear Secrets!Caution: Other skin care products may NOT want you to read this!Please Don't Read Clear Secrets!
When I returned, my skin, for the first time since I was 12 years old, was pimple-free. I looked great. Of course, everyone noticed it.

I Know How You Feel

bulletYou've been using expensive, chemical-smelling creams and pads, or tried overnight "miracle cures", but your acne only gets worse. You need a natural solution.100% Natural Acne Remedies

bulletYou hesitate to talk to attractive men and women because your bad skin puts them "out of your league".

bulletAcne is making you self-conscious about your looks, robbing you of your confidence. You want to look and feel healthy.

bulletYou don't want to watch a bunch of videos, subscribe to anything, or go on a 10-day fast. You just want to know which acne cures actually WORK.
"I never thought it would work so fast! When I'm out with my friends, I feel like a new, healthier person. Thanks, Chris!"
- Thomas Z.
Sheboygan, Wis. USA
Acne Treatment 7
"The morning after I started using the tips in Clear Skin Secrets, I could feel my skin was less oily and less irritated. Two weeks later, you can see the difference."
- Amy L.
San Jose, Cal. USA
Acne Treatment 10
"Hey, just had to show you, it's getting better everyday. The foods and plants you recommend obviously are making a huge change. Why did I wait this long to fix my skin??"
- Rubio T.
Miami, Florida USA
Acne Treatment 5

Clear Skin Secrets Will Show You:

Acne Foods
bulletThe acne-fighting SUPERFRUIT available at your supermarket right now. Eat two of these a day, and you can see your acne improve in less than a week. HINT:it's not expensive, and it's not the silly Acai berry.

bulletThe natural plant extract that you should put on your face every single day. It's scientifically proven to repair damaged skin, safely and effectively.

bulletThe two foods you probably ate this week that are so likely to cause pimple breakouts, I call them ACNE ROCKET FUEL. You MUST NOT eat these foods.

bulletThe common herb that you should be eating every single day. It's great on potatoes, with tomatoes, and in meat dishes. Plus it promotes fat loss, so just eat it already! (And try chopping it and pressing it against your most acne-prone skin - I'm serious!)

Don't Give Up On Your Skin,
It's Too Important

Acne Diagram
bulletDiscover the easy daily activity that is the least you must do to kill the bacteria that cause pimples. [HINT:it has nothing to do with washing or showering.]

bulletLearn the REAL cause of acne. It's not "adolescence" or shaving or a mysterious virus. It's not because you don't wash your face enough (even though acne-cream commercials want you to think that).

bulletFind out the one weird trick that every Hollywood actor, every fashion model, and every TV presenter (and their stylists!) does to make breakouts and pimples disappear as fast as possible.

These Tips Will Change Your Skin -
Will They Change Your Life?

bulletWashing your face with regular soap hardly makes a bit of difference--with the exception of ONE brand of soap, which we include a coupon for!

bulletBenzoil peroxide creams are a pathetic waste of money, and one of the most popular prescription acne drugs could be one of the most dangerous things you can put in your body. 

bulletThere is only one right way to treat a whitehead pimple.HINT: You do NOT want to "pop" it.

bulletRead exactly what you must do right now tonoticeably improve your skin in as little as 72 hours. [HINT: It has to do with the water you drink].
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It's A Problem From Hell...

1.You cannot ignore your acne - your face is what you show the world, you have to be proud of it. Young and old, boy or girl, we all want and desire clear skin. Fair or not, acne-free skin is percieved as a strong sign of happiness, good health and vitality.

2.Our health care and education systems have failed you. You may have learned to identify 20 different parts of the human heart, but school didn't teach you how to prevent acne and keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

3.Giant pharmaceutical companies work 24/7 to deceive you. They advertise constantly because they make over HALF A BILLION dollars every year in the United States alone selling zit creams. They trick you into feeling helpless about your skin.

...But You Can Fight Back!

1.Clear Skin Secrets will show you exactly how to alter your diet and hygiene practices to cure your acne using natural remedies, with quickly visible results, or your money back, 100% guaranteed, no questions asked.

2.The Clear Skin Secrets plan for healthy skin is effective for EVERY ethnicity and race, and men and women of EVERY age. Black, white or in between, it doesn't matter.

3.Your purchase will give you immediate access to Clear Skin Secrets, no registration needed. Your credit card or PayPal will be discreetly billed as "CLK*BANK".

Beauty Isn't Skin Deep - But First Impressions Are

While it's true that real beauty is on the inside, it's also true that appearances MATTER. The more attractive you are, the better chance you have of getting a good job, getting a pay raise, getting good customer service, or mating with another attractive person.

I'm not making this up:

In their published research, Professors Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle estimate that if you're perceived as beautiful, you probably earn about 5 percent more than your ordinary-looking counterparts.

Think about it: Many Hollywood stars are fat or weird (Jack Nicholson lately...) but NONE go onscreen with zits on their face.

Clear skin is more important than your clothes, your body shape, even your facial structure.
The Simple Truth: NOTHING is More Important to Your Appearance Than Clear, Healthy Skin. NOTHING.

Finally, In 17 Seconds, See How Unhealthy Celebrities Fake Their "Perfect" Skin

But Photoshop isn't an option for the rest of us, living in the real world!
You didn't create our society's massive bias against acne, but it is for real, and the only way to deal with it is to fix your skin. You need to intelligently modify your diet and hygiene. Don't put this off another minute.
Clear Skin Secrets ebook

Do me a favor:

Take your "Before" picture now. Purchase Clear Skin Secrets, follow the instructions, and take an "After" picture. If you don't see a major improvement in one week, let us know and I will refund your money.
I think it's much more likely that you'll be sending your pics as a testimonial to how well these natural remedies work.
Just by reading this you have taken an important step to getting clear skin. Remember, there's no reason to waste another minute passively allowing yourself to live with diseased skin. Clear Skin Secrets can help you.
Yours in Health,
P.S. You can be a flat-out better looking person by next weekend. You CAN cure your acne, and you can do it with free or inexpensive natural solutions, if you have the right information and knowledge.
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Your Risk-Free, No-Hassle, Super Easy,
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Zero-Risk, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our Personal Guarantee to You:

Download Clear Skin Secrets with 100% peace of mind because we're offering you a Zero-Risk, 60-Day, No-Questions, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In other words... YOU have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That's our promise to you!

Buy Now - Retail Price: $59.95
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